World War 1 ,The Christmas Truce

A project by Macastory 'Jackets for Goalposts'.

A project by Macastory 'Jackets for Goalposts'.

'Jackets for Goalposts' The Christmas Truce 1914

The project ,'Jackets for Goalposts', was funded and supported by Creative Scotland and The National Lottery.

It is a multi arts production created by storytellers and performers Ron Fairweather and Fergus McNicol.

'Jackets for Goalpost' highlights part of the journey  two soldiers ,one German and one Scottish took as they were called up to fight in WW1.

A drama performance was followed by creative writing and art workshops for P 6 and P7 students from  fifteen schools across Scotland.

On the following pages you will find letters , artwork ,pictures ,video clips and comments taken from the workshops. we hope you enjoy them.

Pages are added and updated weekly.

Thankyou for looking , Ron & Fergus  @Macastory

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Macastory's Reading Stars is an introduction to reading using online video clips of Macastory reading ,interacting and introducing a variety of books suitable for pupils at all levels of Primary School.

The aim is to entice reluctant  readers ,and those beginning the reading journey  into the world of books.

The series currently has 65 books featured with a full accompnying list of ISBN details .

We can also come into the school to launch the project with an interactive storytelling performance.

We have found that this model   works very well and gives the participants a connection with who they will see on the screen.

Please do contact us for more details and costs.

See an example video of one of the books above!